Honest For Real-State Development

ekramy el sabagh Honest real estate development isn't just a name, it is a way of thinking and living, there are a lot of meanings in Arabic for Honest all related to the truth and the trust. And that's our aim,to acquire our clients trust.

Honest group lead by Ekrami El Sabbagh has constructed and developed some of the biggest projects in Egypt, our experience of construction is deep and driven by passion, a passion to building new communities. But we do not offer you only projects we also offer you the luxury and the high quality, we are working very hard to deliver you an affordable and well-built apartments in our projects, we succeed to achieve the hard equation between the price and the quality. The policy which all Honest group follows is " you've the right to obtain your own property ", and that's why we succeed to obtain our clients trust and to be classified as one of the first-line companies in the construction field.

Honest group began as a construction company and day by day we could to enlarge it to not be only in the construction field, But we established our Newspaper to continue the path of success which we began in 2011 then we released our TV Channel in the current year to take the same way in publishing the truth.


What We Do

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Real Estate Development:
A lot of time, money, and effort is spent concentrating on details in order to deliver the way of life that we promise to . We have built over the years a very strong bond with our clients

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Projects Management:
Project Management lets you know exactly where you stand at any given point in time, Don't let construction project management issues slow you down

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Building Finishes:
You can through this section to get the coolest designs that suit you and fit your dreams and you can through this section also get the finest interior and exterior designs for residential apartment.

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to your existing housing units,villas,piece of land We offer our markting,administrative service to achieve the best profits and prices since we have a wide range of customers. .

Our Projects Gallery

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Our contacts

Please fill up our contact form in details or feel free to contact us and we will be in touch shortly.

Address: 47 Abdel Razeq El Sanhoury St. Of Makram
                   Ebaid St. Nasr City, Cairo
Telephone: + 16714, 02-22731271
Tel & FAX: + 02-22731570, 02-22744644
Fax: +02-22700462
E-mail: info@honesteg.com

Our Values


Honest - Our name and our first principle which we followed from our first day to obtain the clients trust. Enthusiasm - one of our attitudes that we love to overcome challenges and to find suitable solutions for every minor problem we face. Specialization - to be professional you should be special in what you're doing, we are woring in a professional manner all the time.



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Our Vision


ambitious - The secret of our success, 2011 was our start as a construction and real estate development company, being ambitious was the main factor to be one of the biggest companies in our field and to involve our name " Honest " in a lot of other fields Like Journalism presented in our newspaper and media presented in our TV Channel.